Season 1

The Portal of the Opera

The day when Lena, a princess living in 1905, discovers that her parents want to take her out of the Opéra de Paris school to bring her back to Russia, she decides to run away with her boyfriend Henri. But just as they’re about to go, she finds herself propelled through time, and lands in Paris in 2018. Barely given any time to cope, Lena must lean on her classical training to keep her secret.

Welcome to the Blok

Understanding she just traveled through time, Lena is shaken. But it is vital for her that she stays at the Paris Opera’s dance school. Victor, Henri’s father, is trying to find her and should soon come to help. Unfortunately, he’s not the only one looking for her. Three dangerous individuals, the Time Collectors, want to find her to get the pendant Henri had given her.

Lena’s Secret

The real Elena Grande’s arrival raises many questions. Thankfully for Lena, Victor arrives in time to save the day. He quickly answers all questions, stating that Lena is of noble blood and that a patron will pay her tuition fees is she’s allowed to stay at school. Impressed by her exceptional talent, Ms. Carré agrees to keep her. Lena try and trap the Time Collectors.

An Explosive Duo

Henri’s actions regarding the pendant did save Lena from the Time Collectors, but unfortunately they’re not the only ones who can’t find her, as Victor and Henri are prisoners of different time periods.

Rendez-vous in Paris

To get used to her surroundings, Lena asks another student to accompany her out of school. Lena gets distracted by this new world, but the school has rules, and being punctual is one of them.

Little Mothers

Lena is overexcited at the idea of mentoring a younger student by becoming her “little mother”. When she finds out she’ll be in direct competition with Thea over this, it’s to each her own.

The Legend of La Fée

When tasked with performing a love triangle for a scene, Lena is picked to portray the fairy, who the character danced by Max falls in love with, while Thea plays the downtrodden wife. But tensions force Etienne to change the casting.

Arabesque and Flamenco

Tensions are running high at the opera. Max is still experiencing contradictory feelings towards Lena following their difficulties dancing together. Not knowing what she did wrong, Lena writes him a letter.

Friends or Enemies?

When Miss Carré decides to make Lena, Ines and Thea dance a trio, everyone expects the worst. Surprising everyone, Lena and Thea agree on a choreo. Ines starts drifting away, Lena do everything to save their friendship.

An Overbearing Mother

It’s audition time for the mid-season gala. Lena, Thea and the others know that this might be a unique opportunity and aim to work hard to secure a lead role. At least that was the plan until Lena discovers her partner is Jeff, an undisciplined dancer. As for Thea, she’s losing it with the arrival of her mother. Lena does everything she can to convince Jeff to work on the audition and to save Thea from her mother.

In the Opera Tunnels

After building the portable portal, the Time Collectors double-cross Henri and travel to the present to find Lena and the timepiece. Henri manages to escape and follows them through the portal. Meanwhile, due to a prank gone wrong, Lena and her comrades find themselves locked in the opera’s underground tunnels. As they separate in small groups to find an exit, Lena and Max partner up.

The Chill Method

As the mid-season gala approaches, Lena wants to push her limits: she must be fully ready, but has trouble coping with the pressure. After several tough rehearsals, Miss Carré downgrades Lena and Max to understudies. But Max, undeterred, hatches a plan to reclaim their parts: he simply has to help Lena chill so she can regain her self-confidence. Easier said than done, as her self-confidence took a hit..


It’s the day of the mid-season gala. Lena is determined to impress the audience, especially Miss Carré.

Time to Face the Music

After being benched by Gabrielle, Lena wants to prove she has what it takes to make company.

Between the Bricks

After being sidelined by Gabrielle, Lena is determined to prove that she has a place in the school.

High-Stakes Hip-Hop

Max explains to Lena that he has an idea: to mount a flash-mob with a baroque theme. Lena is into it and helps him with the choreography. But when everything is ready, her mask disappears, stopping Lena from participating.

A Slippery Pointe

Still under the shock of her break-up with Henry and furious against Thea who stole her mask, Lena declares war on the latter, but the whole story goes a little too far. Thea is annihilated and Lena does everything to cheer her up.

Oh Brother

The Blok is invited to participate in a hip-hop challenge. All its members are overexcited. They plan to perform their baroque-hip-hop fusion number. But a competing team performs exactly the same choreography.

Running in the Family

The students busy themselves as the spring show approaches.

Secrets and Pointes

Lena encourages Max to face his father to make up with him.


Following a passionate kiss, Lena and Max are lovestruck.

They Know

To the museum, Lena is shocked to discover a portrait of her family, and finds that her mother is wearing a pendant similar to the one that the Collectors stole.

Spinning Lies

It’s time for Armando to cast the roles for the spring show. But between family mysteries and rivalries, the students of the school have a hard time staying focused.

Dance ’till You Drop

The Blok is invited to participate in a European challenge but for the first time, some members are skeptical. Will the Blok be able to participate in the final battle?

A Dangerous Game

Lena made her decision: she will go back with Henri to 1905 just after his performance at the Garnier. She must be ready by the time the gate opens, but before that, she is supposed to dance with the Blok one last time, all while preparing for the spring show.


It’s D day. The portal is open and Lena must say goodbye to her friends before returning to 1905 with Henri. But there’s a limited amount of time and Lena must absolutely avoid the Time Collectors if she wants to achieve her dream of dancing one last time at the Garnier.