Season 2

Moments Later

Resuming after the season one cliffhanger, Lena is stuck in the present with Henri, while her modern-day nemesis Thea has been thrown back in time to 1905.

New Year, New Rules

Armando is back to teach Second Division Class and the pressure is on. The dancers must perform publicly without much practice. Lena is partnered with Isaac.

Out Of Place

In 1905, Thea is teaching the girls at the ballet school hip-hop and Clive may have been erased from time. Henri is trying to convince Lena that 1905 is where they should be.

Whatever It Takes

When Miss CarrĂ© announces that the students from Second Division can audition for the European Choreographer’s Grand Prix, everyone’s psyched.

Game On

Lena’s on a mission to one up Thea by starting her own all-girl hip-hop crew and entering them in Thea’s claim to fame, the TV series “Dance Off”.

Unexpected Allies

During auditions, Lena is devastated to learn that not only are Ines and Pinky working together behind her back, but also Henri is missing.

Close Call

After a needed heart-to-heart between Lena and Ines, the icy friendship begins to thaw and Ines convinces Lena to team up with Pinky to save Henri from time jail. When Ines gets another chance to audition for Armando, Lena urges her to go! While she’s gone, the portal unexpectedly comes to life and Lena blurts out that she and Ines had the codes the whole time. Without another thought, she jumps through the portal. It’s up to Ines and Pinky to save their friends!

Break a Leg

When Lena makes the shortlist for Libertalia, she embraces her wild side and commits to “out-wilding” her competition Clara. Max pitches a risky idea that will help them get the lead roles in the upcoming European Choreographer’s Grand Prix. What if they perform a risky dance routine that will one-up Clara and Isaac and dazzle Armando? However, during the audition Max’s leg buckles and he makes a choice to save Lena from injury but damages his own knee.

Guess Who’s Back

It’s Portal Day and Lex is on a mission to return everyone to their rightful time periods, but when a surprised Lena panics and uses her timepiece, she must rewind time if she has any hope of keeping her secret from her classmates. Meanwhile Henri is feeling totally left out as Lena focuses on an injured Max. When he sees her deliberately ignore his call, he reacts and storms through the now open portal to 1905. He quickly regrets this choice, but it’s too late.

New Kids On the BLOK

When Lena learns the BLOKettes entry for Dance Off yielded a spot on the show, she goes into high gear, determined to get the new BLOKettes into winning shape, but she and Jeff butt heads over leadership. After the initial homesickness for 1905, Thea is ready to reclaim her throne and prove to everyone that she hasn’t lost a step. She wows the other students with her newfound grace and Lena admits that she might need Thea to improve the BLOK.

The Takeover

Max is back after surgery and won’t leave his room, so Lena and Jeff temporarily stop fighting over the BLOK and come together to cheer up their friend. When Max gets a dance challenge alert on his phone, the rivalry restarts and the two battle it out to decide who will be the new leader of the BLOK. Lena tries her best to whip the BLOKettes into shape while Jeff assembles a crew of amazing street dancers. Later they’re surprised to learn who organized the challenge.

Ballet Off

After months of preparation, the weekend of the European Choreographer’s Grand Prix has arrived and the students head to Brussels, without Max. There they meet Jenna, Isaac’s ex-dance partner from the London School of Ballet. She and Lena get off on the wrong foot as Jenna works her mind game magic. Before long, Lena challenges Jenna and her crew to a ballet battle dance off, but when Gabrielle and Armando bust them, the crew face expulsion.

Can’t Beat the Elite

During the performance for the European Choreographer’s Grand Prix, Lex arrives and although Lena tries her best to stop her, Lex is determined to win this round.

On the Run

Finding themselves locked in time jail, Lena and Thea argue over who’s to blame. With Victor’s help, the girls break out of the cell and out of the Bureau.

Like Father, Like Son

After the adventures in Brussels, the girls are happy to be back at school, but the calm is short-lived as Thea discovers Max no longer has the timepiece that she hid.

Spread the Love

When Lena agrees to play the Valentine’s Day cupid, she misinterprets her mission – creating confusion and hurt feelings.

Who’s the Boss?

Lena and Jeff’s dance crews both perform in front of the producers of Dance Off, but Thea plays both sides and claims the crews as her own.

The Brainy Bunch

Lena and Max are united until a song by Henri plays over the speakers and a surprised Lena’s heart is torn between the two boys once again.


When Armando announces that the year-end showcase will be Carte Blanche and choreographed by the students, the young dancers are ecstatic, with each dreaming of their concept being chosen. Later it becomes a competition between the two favourites, Lena and Max. Lena demonstrates her plan by creating a 1905 period social dance for her follow classmates but Max ultimately wins when an angry Lex arrives and sabotages Lena’s choreo.

Mystery Princess

After Thea drops out of the BLOK, Lena must create buzz for the crew in order to stay on Dance Off. With a grand flash mob, the BLOK amasses a large online following and soon the show’s producer agrees to keep them on. Jeff, Bree, and Kennedy overhear this and go tell the others. However, the producer’s not interested in the masks and gives Lena an ultimatum: lose them or lose a spot in the competition. Lena must decline and the BLOK is out.

Flash Forward

After a distracted audition for Max’s Carte Blanche showcase, Lena asks for another chance, but he assures her that he knows her talent. Relieved, she sets off to make things right with Ines. When Ines mentions the webcam video, Lena asks why Thea has a webcam filming the room? The two check the footage and discover that Thea has the timepiece and has just left with it. They follow her to Oscar’s but Pinky warns them off. He has it and he’s on their side.

Mutiny at the Garnier

After Lena learns that only Thea and Isaac have roles in Max’s Carte Blanche, she complains to Gabrielle who splits the performance into two parts.

Lost and Found

When Lena discovers Henri is in present day, she is livid, because he didn’t reach out and later learns even worse news about Ines.

One Last Chance

With Ines taken by the Bureau, a desperate Lena devises a plan to reset everything. When the portals opens in a few days, she’s going to go back to 1905.

He Knows

After being expelled for going on Dance Off, an upset Lena tells Max everything about her time travel life. Luckily, he believes her. He also tells her that he’s leaving Paris at the end of the year to attend regular school in London. The two decide to go out on a high and redesign the Carte Blanche showcase to have one final spectacular performance together, incorporating ballet and hip-hop. But when a man dressed like the Bureau arrives and claims to be Lena’s benefactor, Lena bolts.

Going Home

It’s Portal Day and Lena is ready to reset time after one final showcase with her friends. Having been expelled for going on Dance Off, Lena sneaks in the Garnier for the show. During her solo, she’s surprised with music by a piano-playing Henri and a dance with a bracing-wearing Max. With tears in her eyes, Lena travels back to 1905 but Ines and the gang arrive just in time to stop her. They head back to 2019 but something goes wrong with the portal and they end up lost in an unknown year.