Thea Raphael

Birth Name: Dorothea Raphael
Alias: Thea, T
Occupation: Dancer
Mother: Mrs Raphael
Relationships: Max Alvarez, Frank Murphy
Schools: Paris Opera Ballet School, The Blok

Dorothea “Thea” Raphael is a ballet student from the Paris Opera Ballet School. In the beginning, Thea is Max’s girlfriend and head girl of her minions, Bree and Kennedy. Once Lena Grisky enrolls in the Paris Opera Ballet School, Thea feels threatened by the new girl from 1905. Not only is Lena one of the very first ballerinas at school to be on Thea’s level of skill. Thea’s boyfriend also falls in love with her, and she and Max break up. When Thea discovers that Lena is a time traveller, Thea steals her timepiece and travels to 1905 where Lena is from, and she wants to become a star and change history. She and Frank, one of the Time Collectors, meet and start dating but they break up shortly after when Thea goes on tour. With her time travelling activities she gives Lena and Ines a hard time fixing all the severe changes she makes in the past to keep the present out of danger.

Thea does not appear in most of season 3 because she was offered an étoile and goes on tour to pursue her ballet career.