Role: Sophia Fitzwilliam
Director: Moira Buffini, Alison Newman
Writers: Moira Buffini, Alison Newman
Airing Date: March 27, 2017
Status: Completed
Other Cast: Lesley Manville, Kate Fleetwood, Holli Dempsey
Episode Duration: 45min

Margaret Wells struggles to reconcile her roles as brothel owner and mother to her daughters. When her business comes under attack from a rival madam with a ruthless streak, Margaret must fight back even if it means losing her family and possibly her life.

Episodes Guide

Episode 2.7

Margaret’s family reel as they discover how dire her situation is. Margaret awaits her fate while Charolette desperately implores allies and enemies for help, but Lydia is contriving a way to end their feud for good.

Episode 2.8

The women galvanize themselves into taking action against Lord Fallon, leaving Lucy in a difficult position. But will Lydia get away with what she has done, or will justice come knocking?

Episode 3.1

A brothel owner and mother runs into a rival madam with her own business.

Episode 3.7

When Elizabeth’s past finally catches up with her, will Lucy end up paying the price?

Episode 3.8

As Blayne tightens his grip on power, Lydia is faced with a terrible choice.